Theme: A Square Peg in a Square Hole


Are you an African? Are you concerned when you hear negative things about your homeland? Do you feel for your country? If yes to any of these questions, then you are that potential leader Africa awaits. You are one of the solutions to the advancement of your homeland.


Come and let us work together to lead Africa forward. Our forefathers worked together to give us the political sovereignty we are enjoying today.  We all agreed that “united we stand but divided we fall”. God created us as one people and gave us Cush (Black land according to the Bible, known today as Africa). That means we have a common blood origin. That is why we face similar problems every where. 


The spirit of slavery that later manifested in colonialism is still at work today as mental slavery, against our true unity and development. We have political/physical independence but we need spiritual independence to fully manifest our divine purpose in the earth. Remember that civilization (development) started in Africa.


Come for our first gathering scheduled for Saturday 21st  July 2012 at 6pm in Ramada Hotel, 8175 E. Skelly Drive, Tulsa, Ok 74129. Contact: 918,406,4332 or 918,606,9973.   

Coordinator: Mrs. Alice Waquoi. Conference Convener: Restorer Moses Ayuketa.



The “No Failure Conference” was launched in October 2005 in Cameroon. Features in the conference include sound teaching & preaching on the mysteries of life from the word of God, including salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration of God's glory on the nations of Africa/black race  & prophetic prayers.


2008 conference highlighted God’s agenda for Cameroon and Africa for the next 7 years (2008 to 2015 - Deut.15:1). The conference also exposed Satan’s plan for Africa and equipped participants with God’s strategy through the victory of Jesus Christ to overcome this plan, and take the African continent forward.


After the 2008 conference, a planed war in Cameroon did not take place. Prophet Moses declared prophetically that "the devil has set up a civil war to take place in Cameroon in order to disturbilized Africa. But the should be no war and the will be no war." Actually there were trace of riots in some cities but stop and the was no war, because of the prophetic prayers of the saints. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.



Key Speakers for the 2013 Lagos No Failure Conference;


1- PROFESSOR, APOSTLE (PROPHET) IYKE NATHAN UZORMA (Occult Grand Master Now in Christ-Nigerian in Warri, Delta State).


2- APOSTLE (PROPHET) MOSES AYUKETA ENOW (Founder of C.R.C International - Cameroonian in Tulsa,Oklahoma state, USA).   


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